F.A.Q. – King Cheesecake
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1. Do you deliver to the general public?

Not at this time. We only service walk in customers for the general public.

2. Can anyone come to your location and buy a cake?

Yes, we sell our cakes and cheesecakes by the whole cake. All other items are sold by the case.

3. Do you offer samples?

Unfortunately, we do not offer samples.

4. Can I buy in slices?

No, we sell the product as a whole cake. Some cakes and cheesecake are pre-sliced, but are not sold in individual slices.

5. How much are your products?

Please contact us for a detail pricing of our products.

6. What are your hours of operation?

We are open to the public from 8:00Am. to 4:30Pm. Monday – Friday. We are closed weekends.

7. How would I buy a cake at your location?

We accept Apple pay and credit cards.

8. If the cakes are frozen how long should they thaw before serving and how long can they be stored?

We suggest 2-4 hours of thawing at ambient temperatures before serving. They can be stored: 8 months frozen, 1 week refrigerated, 2 days at ambient temperatures.

9. Do you make wedding or custom cakes?

Since we mass produce our products, we do not offer wedding or custom cake decorating.

10. Are you a local bakery?

No we are a distribution center that manufactures a lot of our in house items. Our location does not have traditional bakery store front.