Buffet Cakes – King Cheesecake
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Buffet Cakes

Delicious Buffet cakes are pre-cut serving size of 14 slices. They are all 9″ in diameter and have 2 layers.

Strawberry Buffet

Strawberry Cake w/ Whipped Strawberry flavored Icing

Lemon Buffet

Lemon Cake w/ Whipped Lemon Flavored Icing

Devil Buffet

Chocolate Cake w/ Chocolate Flavored Icing

Carrot Buffet

Carrot Cream Cake w/ Cream Cheese icing and Nuts on Top

German Buffet

Chocolate Cake w/ Coconut and Chocolate Icing

Black Forest Layer

Chocolate cake With Cream Cheese Icing and Cherries

Red Velvet Buffet

Red velvet Cake With Cream Cheese Icing

Coconut Buffet

White Cake w/ White Icing and Coconut shavings on top

Mocha Buffet

Chocolate Cake w/ Mocha flavored Icing

Orange Buffet

Orange cake topped with whipped orange icing.

Pineapple Buffet

Pineapple cake with pineapple flavor and whipped icing.

Golden Buffet

Yellow Cake topped with Chocolate Icing.

Italian Creme Buffet

Italian Creme Flavors cake topped with Cream Cheese Icing.