Fresh Baked Muffins & Breads - King Cheesecake Company
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Muffins & Breads

2oz Muffins 96 per case, 4oz Muffins 48 per case, 7.5oz Muffins 36 per case

Banana Nut Muffin

Banana flavored 4oz. muffin with pecan bits.

Cream Cheese Muffin

Cream cheese 4oz. muffin with vanilla streusel on top.

Double Chocolate Muffin

Chocolate 4oz. muffin with chocolate chips inside and on top.

Strawberry Muffin

Strawberry flavored 4oz. muffin with cream cheese streusel on top.

Coffee Pecan Loaf Bread

Coffee loaf cake with Sweet icing and pecans.

Triple Berry Loaf Bread

Sweet Triple berry loaf Cake with icing.

Red Velvet Loaf Bread

Red velvet loaf cake with Sweet icing on top.

Lemon Loaf Bread

Lemon flavored Loaf cake with Sweet icing on top.